Colourful garden art by Eija Vehviläinen

 Eija Vehviläinen is an illustrator and artist based in Finland. Her art is shaped by her surroundings and her beloved hometown Helsinki, like the seaside or the screams from the amusement park. She also draws a lot of inspiration from her childhood environment at her grandparents’ summer place, where she spent her days playing outside in the forest or on an island. Her works are beautifully composed of blown-up bold shapes in quirky colour combinations, flavoured with some distorted proportions.

Welcome to Postery! How are you?

Hello! Doing just fine, thank you :–)

What’s your artistic background?

My sister and I used to draw a lot in my childhood home. I always kind of looked up to her and wanted to be as skilled as she was (she’s five years older than me). We used to watch cartoons and movies, and I would tell stories through my drawings – I mean, I would literally make up a story while drawing something random and change the narrative with each added line. I also loved creating advertisements and magazine covers!

Tell us a little bit about your latest collection.

During this Spring, a lot of bad stuff was going on and still is; the war, all the injustice, and a loss of a family member. I was also struggling with my career and style and felt I needed a way to express my thoughts and emotions, but not necessarily in a super underlining way. I believe in growth and change, and this collection manifests that for me. It’s also very personal, and I think that’s the reason why the works have resonated with many.

What’s most important to you in the creative process?

To find new ways to see and think. Sometimes (or usually), this can be painful and hard to achieve. But it’s the best feeling. The outcome doesn’t really matter; it’s the journey that does. A bit cheesy, I know

What’s your source of inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all places and sometimes very randomly – but I have noticed it’s important not just wait for it to arrive. Don’t let inspiration dictate your work too much. Just start working and see what comes up!

Where do you live/reside?

I have lived in Kallio since I moved to Helsinki to study art.

"Don’t let inspiration dictate your work too much. Just start working and see what comes up!"

Does your residental place has an impact on your art?

Definitely! The places we stay shape us in many ways. I love Helsinki – the seaside and all the screams coming from the amusement park next to our apartment during the summertime. Still, I draw a lot of inspiration from my childhood environment, where I spent my days playing outside in the forest or on an island at my grandparents’ summer place at lake Keitele.

What do you like doing when you are not creating?

I walk a lot! To balance out workdays (with usually lots of sitting and hunching my back), I try to move and stretch my body as much as possible. Most of the time, my work is also lonesome, so seeing friends over a cup of coffee and going to different events and places is essential.

What will we never find in your home?

I appreciate all colours in general, but you probably won't find anything turquoise in my apartment now or ever.

Name one thing you can’t do without while creating.

A big glass of water on my table. And I almost always forget to take sips.

Thanks Eija!

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