Artist talk: Kateryna Brovkova

Kateryna Brovkova is a skilled fashion-loving creative and illustrator based in Odessa, Ukraine. She focuses on the wonderful world of fashion in her work, the main inspiration when creating her art. One of her passions is to visually capture and elevate the exquisite designs of the famous fashion masters – the haute couture brands that spellbind us with their cool, state of the art creations. She immortalises their works through her talent, keen eye and artistic freedom.

Welcome to Postery! What’s your background?

Greetings to the Postery Dream Team & all Postery Community! My name is Kateryna Brovkova! I am an illustrator and fashion designer from Ukraine. I’m a participant and a winner of multiple arts and fashion competitions. I have been working in the field of fashion, commercial illustration, and design for many years. I have also been working on graphic content for social networks, producing my own illustration brand of prints and postcards in Ukraine, and being a part of the worldwide fashion illustration and design community. I have always paid attention to fashion details, patterns, textiles, and colors, starting from seeing my parents’ clothes in my childhood :) I began to draw when I was three years old and learned to draw and express forms and objects using different mediums and techniques. My creative and business activities have always been related to design, fashion and art. The need for sustainable fashion and reasonable consumption is more acute than ever in the modern world. I believe that art can transmit global values and be an influencer for the design and fashion industries. And of course, art is the best way to emphasize your individuality and give meaning, particular feelings, and vibes to all your spaces – private or commercial.

Where are you based?

I’m from Ukraine. I’m very proud and happy to be Ukrainian, despite the painful trials all Ukrainian people are going through now. Currently, I live in Munich, Germany. However, I was forced to relocate due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What inspires you?

Art and fashion are my passions :) Also, gratitude for many ordinary things and the amazing people who happen in my life, the deepest kindness and empathy - it’s all my unlimited inspiration. Another endless source of inspiration for me is spending time near the seas, and oceans, traveling the world and getting to know other cultures.

When you are creating, what is the most important thing to you?

I’m practicing Kundalini Yoga, and the feeling it creates impacts my work with creative high-vibes vibrations and positive energies. So all of my art pieces are made when I’m happy and full of energy, and I put all that energy of love and growth into my work. Thus, I share my art and the good vibes I get when creating. So be sure that the energy from my art will influence your spaces to become even more cozy and chic, and it will give you a special feeling there :)

What does this collection represent to you? How would you describe it?

The collection’s theme is that each of us has an inner child who believes in her/his dreams. As long as we believe in our dreams, we can achieve anything! Even as an adult, it’s important to keep dreaming big and believing in yourself! «If you can dream it, you can do this.» (Walt Disney).

"All of my art pieces are made when I’m happy and full of energy, and I put all that energy of love and growth into my work. Thus, I share my art and the good vibes I get when creating."

Do you have other hobbies?

Honestly, it’s not only hobbies. My hobbies are a considerable part of my life :) I practice Kundalini yoga and self-development, and I enjoy traveling. I’m also learning foreign languages & cultures, fashion history & vintage jewelry, and volunteering for charity projects to help Ukrainian women worldwide.

What future do you dream of, and what are your plans?

My biggest dream is peace in my home country Ukraine. Soon, we plan to meet and hug all our relatives and friends after the end of the war, and then every day celebrate our happy life together :) And although art and fashion are my passion, I make sure to create new works of art! And now I’m launching a very special Ukrainian series of art pieces.

Thank you, Kateryna!

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