Emotional Geometry by Beamingdesign

Marilyne Verschueren is a Belgian digital artist and visual designer. In 2020, she started Beamingdesign on Instagram because she wanted to create content that would make people’s lives a little better. Before she knew it, it had become a great community of life quotes and design lovers. Her minimalist style includes geometry, words, and elegant gradients to express emotions, affirmations, and universal truths about life. Marilyne’s art aims to conceptualise, sketch intuitively, and model ”feelings” through geometric shapes. In addition, she uses universal language that everyone can understand and read in a personal way.

Marilyn is partly spendning her time in Los Angeles. There, she met up with photographer Meg Young at her recidence, for a campaign shoot.

What’s your artistic background?

I have a degree in visual design from the Luca School of Arts, Belgium, but I'm mostly self-taught. I love experimenting with colours and shapes and seeing where it takes me. I started Beamingdesign in 2020, right when the pandemic hit, as a personal project. It was my way to make art and spread positivity and light at a much-needed time.

How did you get passionate about art?

During my first internship in High School, I met an older lady at the company that did all of the graphic design. I was mesmerised by her job. She showed me her process and what she was creating at the time. I absolutely fell in love with graphic design at that moment. Later on, I started to design myself and went to Art School. I never had an artistic background before. That moment significantly changed my life and made me want to pursue art.

Tell us a little bit about your wonderful collection.

These are four of my favourite works from Beaming. I love imagining them in a home setting because they carry a positive message that can be revisited on a daily basis. The fun colours and shapes can both stand out in a certain way and blend into any interior.

"I want to create things that affect people positively. If I can make one person feel under- stood or seen, I feel like I did something good."

Where do you find inspiration for your texts and imagery?

I love to go for walks and observe nature, some of the organic shapes I use are definitely inspired by plants. I'm also a big reader, and flipping through old books or looking at old sketches and drawings fascinates me. When visiting other countries, I am interested in the architecture, culture, people etc. I like to observe the world and let it inspire me.

What's driving you as a creative?

I want to create things that affect people positively. If I can make one person feel understood or seen, I feel like I did something good. Art can have a meaningful impact on people, and artists can use their expression to convey so much, I love that.

What's most important to you in your creative process?

Peace and quiet. A space where I feel safe to create. When I feel safe, I can get into a certain creative flow and keep on creating. It's an essential part of the process for me. But, of course, every day is different, and that flow can come and go.

Where do you reside?

At the moment in Belgium, but I would love to travel more.

When you're creating, does your work location impact your art?

Yes, it does. When a space feels familiar, creating is easier. I feel like home is always the place I can focus best for some reason. The familiarity of it grounds me.

How do you see your prints in an interior setting?

I see them as an aesthetic complement to people's homes and/or workspaces. The two often overlap at the moment because a lot of people are working from home. So making it a safe and inspiring space with art you love is important.

What do you like doing when you are not creating?

I love a good book while sipping on some tea on the couch. Every day I also go on bike rides around the neighbourhood, I like to move my body and go for fresh air. On the weekends, I usually spend some quality time with my best friends, it's always fun and takes my mind off things.

What will we never find in your home?

Darkness. I love light.

Do you have any other dreams or talents you want to follow up on?

So Many, but I'll see where this path takes me.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue to spread light and love through my art. Maybe try and experiment with different art forms.

Photo by Meg Young.

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