Art auction x Karolina Kling

In an effort to support and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, Postery organised a 48h art auction in collaboration with Swedish artist Karolina Kling.

Karolina’s one-of-a-kind art piece measuring 50x70cm (19.75 x 27.5 in) - an acrylic painting on paper, was sold to the highest bidder after being auctioned out for 48 hours on our Instagram channel. The winning bid of 330€ was donated to UNHCR directly by Karolina Kling. Postery matched the amount and further donated to UNHCR relief for the Ukrainian refugees.

At Postery, we are committed to supporting and investing in the local and global community. Therefore, our support has continued in the following months through several art collaborations with Ukrainian artists, some currently displaced as refugees and some still in Ukraine. You can discover their artwork and read their interviews in our stories section.