Choosing posters with our AR tool

Selecting the perfect poster can be challenging and time-consuming, with various factors like size, position, colours, and motif to consider. What if there was an easier way of deciding before placing an actual order? Try our AR tool!


Augmented reality uses your device to blend digital content into the real world. Unlike virtual reality (VR), you won’t need any headsets, goggles, or other extra equipment. Instead, all you need is your device’s camera. Our augmented reality function allows you to test each poster available on our website in a blink of an eye.


The Postery augmented reality mode is available for certain iPhones*. Here is how to place a poster in an environment:

  1. Navigate to a poster of your choice.
  2. Select “View in AR” to turn on Augmented Reality mode.
  3. Scan the environment to find a surface.
  4. When AR mode finds a surface, the poster is placed.
  5. Use your finger to adjust the position of the poster.
  6. Take a screenshot to save or share.
  7. Tap the X to exit AR mode.

Watch the video above to get an overview of the functionality, or simply head to our website on your iPhone* and have fun with it now.

*only available for iPhone 12 and later versions.


Try our AR function outside! Take it for a spin next time you pass an interesting building or a street. Why not put our AR poster in an unexpected place? We are looking forward to seeing your creative ideas, so share your fun videos or images by tagging us at #postery on Instagram.

Our AR function allows you to quickly and smoothly see how a poster would look like in any space, how it matches with any piece of furniture or wall colour, or even your existing wall art or other wall décor.