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An impressive format

Do you want a poster that stands out? Then the dimensions 100x150 is a must for you. We have a carefully selected range of large prints with various motifs that we continually expand, and do not forget to supplement with our quality picture frame.

Nicely tilted

Don't make things harder than they need to be. It is great to lean a 100x150 against the wall, and you can combine with a piece of stylish furniture or just let the poster impress for itself. No matter what you do, you will have a trendy feeling in the room.

An outstanding frame

When we produce our frames, every detail is important, and we guarantee an outstanding result - at a low price. Our large 100x150 frame comes with a 3.0 mm acrylic glass (branch standard is 1.2 mm). The glass is unbreakable and therefore safe to have at home around the kids. The frame's profile is made of durable aluminum and comes in four different colors, which means that you can always match the design with the motif - simple as that.


All posters including a frame of size 100x150 cm are delivered to your door with DHL for free. Normal delivery time is 3-8 days.

Our motifs