Superb finish. Unequalled design.

When we decided to develop a frame for our range, we looked at every detail and finish to ensure perfection – and the results are absolutely stunning. And now we can proudly present our range of frames, encompassing eight sizes, six colours, two different materials and one type of glass.

We offer absolutely beautiful prints – and so our frames have an exceptional type of glass. Our glass is a light and unbreakable 1.2 mm plexiglass, so it’s safe to use at home around children and you can’t tell it from regular glass.

Picture frame in size 100x150 cm (39x59in) comes with a unique 3.0 mm acrylic glass for extra strength.

Two different materials
At, you can choose between two different materials, wood, and aluminium. Whichever you choose, you’ve made the right decision. Our wooden frame is made of real oak and our aluminium frame is of the highest quality. When we produce our frames, every detail is important and we guarantee outstanding results – at affordable prices.

Dimensions wood profile – 15 in front x 14 mm in depth (70x100 is 20x15 mm)
Dimensions aluminium profile – 10 in front x 18 mm in depth

Six colors
Choosing a color isn’t always easy. The frame should not only match your print, but also your wall, your furniture and the rest of your interior. That’s why we offer six carefully chosen colors to ensure that you can always get a perfect match – now that’s colorful.

Choose between black, white, space grey, gold, silver and oak

Eight different sizes
When buying a poster from us, you always have an additional and easy option – to add a frame. No matter what size you buy from our range, there’s always a matching frame. We have sizes from 21x30 mm (5x7") all the way up to a grand 100x150 (39x59") – an unbeatable selection.

Our sizes; 21x30 (5x7"), 30x40 (12x16"), 40x50 (16x20"), 50x50 (20x20"), 50x70 (20x28"), 61x91 (24x36"), 70x100 (28x39"), 100x150 (39x59")