We have updated our Postery Code of Conduct

We are proud to write that we updated our Postery Code of Conduct from minimum to living wages and added important environmental management requirements. All our main suppliers have now signed the new version.

In our first Sustainability Report, we wrote about the eleven principles we include in our Postery Code of Conduct. Having a Code of Conduct means we ensure the products we sell are made under fair conditions, both socially and for the environment.

One of our goals in 2022 was to update our Code of Conduct from minimum to living wage. Even though our most important suppliers are in Europe, it is crucial to state in our Code of Conduct that our suppliers need to pay a living wage to their employees. This is the main difference between minimum and living wage in many countries. The minimum wage is below the cost of living, while the living wage allows individuals to cover their basic needs such as food, accommodation, child services and healthcare.

Since we started updating our Code of Conduct, we have discovered points that we believed were missing. Therefore, we added five additional principles related to how our suppliers should manage their impact on the environment. We added water, waste, chemical and energy management, and responsible use of raw materials.

We are proud to say that our most important suppliers have signed the updated Postery Code of Conduct which has been in place since October.

Please visit our sustainability page to read more about our Code of Conduct.