The holiday gift guide

Get inspired with a selection of our favourite posters, frames and books to gift your loved ones – including yourself – during the holiday season.


For those who are lovers of creativity, we present a tailored selection to individuals who passionately navigate the currents of modern art trends. This category is an ode to original art enthusiasts who seek the joy of unique and abstract prints, cherishing the authenticity of handmade creations. We suggest that you complement it with our new Wavy Frame, which adds a modern twist to any design and makes a perfect statement in the trend-conscious home.


We curated a tailored selection for those with a neverending wanderlust to satisfy the eager voyager. Whether you're a globetrotter or gifting one, our destination-inspired prints encapsulate the spirit of endless journeys. Perfect for the dreamer always plotting their next escape, what better gift than a visual ode to their cherished destinations? To frame the adventure, see our range of frames.


Indulge the culinary enthusiast in your life with a curated selection of posters designed for those who find joy in the kitchen. Devoted to the gourmet who spends hours absorbed by cooking shows and YouTube hacks, why not gift them art that mirrors their passion? Elevate their home with visual delights manifesting their love for the culinary arts. Browse our frames to find the best match for the chosen poster.


Explore our curated poster selection of traditional art posters – the go-to choice for classic art and design lovers. These motifs age, like fine wine, are timeless and stand the test of time. It's the art that never goes out of style and will keep inspiring us year after year. To enhance their greatness, browse our frames to find a match.


Step into the past with a selection tailored for those who cherish the charm of yesterday's style. Ideal for the ones who enjoy the beauty of an old-time era, this selection is perfect for individuals whose homes are filled with vintage treasures. Discover the perfect gift of nostalgic posters that will resonate with retro enthusiasts. We offer a vast collection of frames and accessories to go with our posters.


Embark on a journey through a selection curated for those who find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world. Nature is a haven for those who seek the earthbound, and decorating with nature motifs is a way to create a harmonious home environment. If you have a nature lover on your gift list this year, we offer a great selection of botanical and zoological posters and wooden frames.


What do new parents need (besides lots of nappies)? A baby means a whirlwind of chores that require more coffee, sleep and planning. Even if you can't give all this as a gift, you can help in other ways. We suggest contributing with adorable posters for the baby's room - a perfect way to help create a place of warmth and care. See our curated selection of posters and frames.