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Buy better, keep forever. From our ambitions to our suppliers, discover the Postery approach to sustainability.


Since the beginning, our design ethos has always put longevity first. We favor enduring style over passing trends. Every piece should have a long lifespan. We want you to enjoy our products for ten years from now. 

We combine this approach to design to reduce our climate impact and work with suppliers of the same high standards.

There isn’t one solution to the issues facing our planet; there are many. Some are simple, most are complex. Our team is working hard every day to find them.


Our supplier of print products is a certified climate-neutral printing company and a family business. This means they care a little extra about future generations. Environmental work is a natural part of everything they do, which has resulted in them being the best in class on the Swedish market.

The company has been a climate-neutral company since 2011, and they climate compensate 100% of their own emissions. Since 2004, they have continuously expanded their portfolio of certificates and licenses, which has resulted in a wide range of labels such as FSC®, Svanen, and Tricorona.

A stamp of quality on their work, quite simply.


Packaging is important because it protects our products in transit, preventing damage and waste. But we want to make sure it does its job without becoming waste itself. That's why we have set clear goals and targets to make sure our packaging contributes to us becoming a circular business where we maximize the use of resources and minimize waste.

We do this by ensuring we work together with Sweden's leading packaging manufacturer that shares our vision of using 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2023.

If you have any further comments, questions, or feedback on our sustainability activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at